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things singers should'nt eat and drink before performance

Things Singers Shouldn’t Eat Before The Performance

When it comes to performing, several things must be prepared. Of course, you don’t want the outcome of your days’ worth of training to be ruined and fail on the day of performance due to digestion problems. You also don’t want small things that you won’t anticipate before, going to be a reason for you to fail and be restricted when singing. In a nutshell, to avoid this, and so that you may perform successfully. These are some recommendations for the things that singers shouldn’t eat and drinks before the performance.

Heavy Caffeine (Caffeine dehydrates you)

The most important thing for singers is to stay hydrated, then what will caffeine do to your body? they pull water out of your body so that they dehydrate you. Even though it’s liquid, you know you’re drinking it, but still, it dehydrates you. So that water draws out of your body, flows through you. That’s why you have to pee so much when you drink coffee. It will disturb you during your performance and disturb your concentration. 

Eat Spicy food

Spicy food usually leads to heartburn. It will make you feel uncomfortable in your stomach and you will often burp. You can eat spicy food for your daily life. But, to reduce the risk of disturbing singers singing during the performance, avoid eat spicy food before you perform.

Cold drinks 

Many people don’t know that drinking a cold drink before a performance can wreak havoc on your voice. You may be confused about why and what it has to do with your voice quality? it has to do with the fact that cooling down the muscles makes them less agile they don’t function as quickly as possible. It’s analogous to when you go outside when it’s cold, and you can’t move your fingers as fast or in the same way you’d like.

Your voice has all the muscles and even your vocal cords are made of muscles and these muscles need to be warm enough to be stretched and flexed in such a way that you can make all these beautiful notes. You don’t want to hurt your voice even if it’s cold and you push too much and it’s not agile which can damage so make sure you drink room temperature water.

Acidic drinks 

Acidic drinks such as soda, fruit juice can cause acid reflux. Acid reflux is acid from the stomach that goes up through the esophagus and can cause your vocal cords to swell. They get irritated and this swelling makes it hard for you to stay on tone. Try to drink room-temperature water right at least just on the day of your performance and then you can have a sweet drink afterward.

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Milk also causes acid reflux. A lot of singers when they drink milk-based drinks and it creates this coating and they mess up your muse mucus production. It makes you feel like you have so much phlegm in your voice that it sounds hoarse or you just feel uncomfortable and sometimes you will start coughing to try and get rid of this. 

Drink Alcohol 

The last thing you cant drink before the performance is drink alcohol. Drink alcohol it’s one of the bad ones that dehydrates you. They’re carbonite carbonated and what’s going on next is that with all the carbonation. It makes you feel right gas and there’s nothing worse than being on stage and trying to make a note while trying not to burp.